Jul 01

2015 Honda Pilot Redesign

The all-new 2015 Honda Pilot will be officially presented next year. Unlike the 2014 Pilot, which will come just with the changes in the form of expansion of trim levels, the new 2015 Honda Pilot will get a complete redesign. This will involve a complete redesign of the exterior and interior changes. The new Pilot will now have something different and more rounded shape. It could be said that it will look more modern.

2015 Honda Pilot redesign


According to the expectations, getting a more modern look and improve performance 2015 Honda Pilot will become the best crossover SUVs on the market. Many of us were expecting that the 2014 Honda Pilot to get these changes, however, it became clear that we would have to wait at least another year. As the current version of this SUV loses pace with the competition, it is clear that Honda put a lot of effort into the development and design of a new generation of this vehicles. We expect that the next generation of this crossover SUV to lose its distinctive square shape and will get the new contours. New 2015 Honda Pilot will be built on the platform of the new 2014 Acura MDX and it will receive the most advanced possible equipment.

2015 Honda Pilot interior

2015 Honda Pilot Features

As we said, the new Honda Pilot 2015 will lose its well recognized design. And in addition to these external changes, we can expect a lot of interesting features in this model. So the new 2015 Honda Pilot comes with a number of upgrades involving off lamps, back-up camera, USB, cruise controller, steering wheel control and upgraded climate control mechanism.


Also, the interior of the new generation Honda SUV will get a complete redesign. Still no official picture how it will look, but we expect clarity and high quality.

2015 Honda Pilot engine


There is a lot of speculation about the engine. We believe that the 2015 Honda Pilot will get the Honda’s most modern and best engine – Earth Dream. There is also the possibility of keeping the current 3.5 L V6 engine with 310 HP and 265 lbs ft. This engine will be matted to a 6 speed automatic transmission. The CVT will be available for the front wheel drive versions.

This is not precise information about the 2015 Honda Pilot, only speculations. We know that this model will retain its convenience and as now being offered a drive at the front and all-wheel drive. You will be able to accommodate up to 8 passengers. We expect to be lighter than its predecessor and therefore will have better fuel economy.

According to web site Release Date Prices the new 2015 Honda Pilot will not be redesigned this year.

Jun 24

Honda Pilot 2014 Brief Overview

Honda Pilot 2014 Overview: The Honda Pilot 2014 is a crossover SUV that will ensure safe driving past a joy to ride. Like I said, this car is not much different from its predecessor. Refreshments which will most likely be received only the expansion of the trim level. But despite this, the new Honda Pilot 2014 will be one of the best SUV on the market. This model was first introduced in 2002 as a vehicle for 2003 model year. Then it has got a slight refreshment of the interior in 2006, and in 2008 it has received a complete redesign. This somewhat boxy look that will adorn and the new Honda Pilot 2014 is in sales since 2009. For all this time, Honda Pilot has gained many fans and a lot of loyal customers.

Honda Pilot 2014 External Appearance

New Honda Pilot 2014 will certainly not be the most beautiful car design in 2014, but it will certainly be one of the most functional. The design of the vehicle remains the same, but it will get a few useful additions. One of them is the rear camera, which will be standard equipment from now. The Honda Pilot 2014 is famed for the reason of its toughness and excellence. This somewhat boxy external appearance, allowing greater spaciousness inside the vehicle cabin.

Honda Pilot 2014 Features

Besides the high quality of all parts of the vehicle, the new Honda Pilot 2014 provide you with a wide range of technical features. Now the new Pilot 2014 come equipped with standard features such as automatic climate control system, internal auto memory of 2 GB, backup camera, cruise control, auto-off headlamps, USB system, Bluetooth and steering wheel management. These are the features that are totaling more fame to this car upgrade version and becoming the one of the highest selling car of the year as many persons want it in their life. It could be said that the Honda Pilot 2014 lavish car with a high level of performance and soothe with the most modern features is necessitate of this recent time Which can be achieved by this car easily.

Honda Pilot 2014 Release Date

The Honda Pilot 2014 release date has not yet been officially scheduled. We expect this SUV will be launched by the end of this year. According to some sources, it is possible that the new Honda Pilot 2014 will be presented in September. The new Pilot 2014 is exceptional in the judgment that it has triple combination of systems that are hill start assist control system, four wheel variable torque management drive system and grade logic control mechanism. At the side of these characteristics this car has lots of other remarkable features that are able to draw concentration of many buyers. The car is exclusive, wonderful and comfortable.

Honda Pilot 2014 Pictures

Honda Pilot 2014 test drive

Honda Pilot 2014 side view

Honda Pilot 2014 interior LCD

Jun 24

2014 Honda Pilot Price, Specs and Pictures

2014 Honda Pilot Review: New 2014 Honda Pilot will next year be the best crossover SUV on the market. We are sure that thanks to the improvement trim level, this vehicle will be the most functional family vehicle. What best characterized 2014 Honda Pilot is its cabin space, and it can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers. Although the 2014 Honda Pilot looks almost the same as the current version of the model, we expect that this vehicle will arrive the competition and take its place on top of the family car.

2014 Honda Pilot Specifications

As for the pleasure of driving the new 2014 Honda Pilot will offer you the ultimate comfort. With the latest technical innovations, improved fuel economy and excellent safety, this SUV will certainly be the undisputed leader in its class. As for the technical specifications of the new 2014 Honda Pilot will provide you with Off-lamps, auto centralized anemones of 2GB, USB, Bluetooth, cruise control and automated altitude ascendancy system. All these features are perfectly packaged dashboard is very clear and everything is within your reach.

2014 Honda Pilot new engine

According to some announcements 2014 Honda Pilot will get a new 3.5 liter V6 Earth Dreams engine with 310 HP. This engine will deliver significant savings in consumption and will be paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. Its engine has a new technology alleged VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) which excludes two or three cylinders if we wish to improve the fuel economy. New 2014 Pilot is available with two wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

2014 Honda Pilot Price

2014 Honda Pilot price will be slightly higher than the current price of this vehicle. And so will the basic version of the 2014 Honda Pilot LX you need to dedicate $ 30,800, while the EX model will cost $ 32.500, and for the EX-L you will have to provide $ 34,800. For the top model 2014 Pilot Touring you will have to pay $ 41,500. But that’s not all, if you want all-wheel drive, you will need to allocate an additional $ 1,600.

2014 Honda Pilot Pictures

2014 Honda Pilot side view

2014 Honda Pilot rear view

2014 Honda Pilot interior

Jun 22

2014 Honda Pilot Features and Trim Level Changes

New 2014 Honda Pilot is a crossover SUV, and is one of the best family vehicles in the world. It is interesting that this vehicle is still not officially introduced, but there is enormous interest for it. Everyone expected that the 2014 Honda Pilot come with a major redesign, but Honda has decided to continue to maintain the existing form of the vehicle. Most fans of the Honda Pilot is a joy to this information, because we are all accustomed to its characteristic appearance. Its functionality and versatility are exactly what make this car almost perfect

2014 Honda Pilot dashboard

2014 Honda Pilot Features

One of the main features of 2014 Honda Pilot is its versatility. By this we mean, that it gives you the possibility of cheaper variants of the two-wheel drive, or a slightly more expensive version with all-wheel drive. When comes to the technical characteristics, the Honda Pilot has been a leader in the use of modern technology. The second generation of the SUV appeared in 2009 with the navigation system. Now the SUV unthinkable without the navigation system, which is in the basic version of 2014 Honda Pilot LX  part of standard trim equipment. Some of the most useful features of the 2014 Honda Pilot are the 3-zone climate and the variable cylinder management speak volumes when it comes to the efficiency of fuel system in the car.

2014 Honda Pilot engine

2014 Honda Pilot Earth Dreams Engine


One of the most significant improvements of the 2014 Honda Pilot is definitely getting a new 3.5l Earth Dreams engine. This powerful engine will have 310 hp and 265 pound-feet of torque. This is probably the best Honda engine, and it will provide the new 2014 Honda Pilot significantly improve fuel economy. Some articles will state that the new pilot with this engine, would be for the 10% more economical then its predecessor. Also models with two-wheel drive could get CVT. Fantastic. Thanks to Earth Dreams engine 2014 Honda Pilot front-drive models should be rated at 19/27/22 mpg city / highway / combined, with AWD models wil be rated at 18/26/21 mpg.

2014 Honda Pilot trunk

2014 Honda Pilot Safety

As for security the 2014 Honda Pilot represents one of the safest SUVs. Side airbags and sensors prevent tumbling passengers who are in the third row. Also passengers in the front seats are protected by front and side airbags. New 2014 Honda Pilot also has a front seat head restraints and anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake Assist and distribution. Car stability Assist pilot speaks for electronic stability control, so that in 2014 Honda problems can be avoided.

Jun 22

2014 Honda Pilot Review and Price

According to our expectations the new 2014 Honda Pilot will soon hit the market. This model retains its distinctive boxy look. Thus, the changes will be minimal, so that the 2014 Honda Pilot only get an improvement in the expansion package. We also expect refreshment in the interior of the 2014 Pilot cabin.

2014 Honda Pilot FRONT VIEW

2014 Honda Pilot Interior and Features

As we said, the new 2014 Honda Pilot holds the same exterior look as the current model. As for the interior, the new 2014 Honda Pilot will still be able to comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers. Due to its somewhat cubic appearance, the interior is very comfortable. It also has enough leg room even in the third row. The third row seats can be easily assembled, if you need more space in the trunk. Thanks to additional features such as rear view camera, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, a new TFT touch screen, 2014 Honda Pilot will be the best family vehicle on the market. When it comes to safety features, this SUV is definitely the safest vehicle in its class. Like its predecessor, and the 2014 Honda Pilot will be 4850 mm long, with a height of 1850 mm and a wheelbase of up to 2775 mm. Standard will come with 17″ wheels, but can optionally purchase a model with 20″ wheels.

2014 Honda Pilot side view

2014 Honda Pilot engines

As for the possible versions of the 2014 Honda Pilot engines, it was announced that we have a model with a 1.6 L diesel engine and 220 hp, and the 1.5 l petrol engine with 4 cylinders. There is also a possibility for a hybrid version of the new 2014 Honda Pilot. But most attention will also be interesting to model the new 3.5 liter V6 engine earth dream that will produce 310 horsepower. Certainly we expect significant improvement in fuel economy thanks to these innovations. All of these engines will be mated to a standard five-speed automatic transmission. Drive to all four wheels is optional.

2014 Honda Pilot Interior

2014 Honda Pilot Price

Due to increased equipment packages, as well as small refreshment 2014 Honda Pilot will have a higher price than, currently version. This price increase will not be large. The increase in price will be around $ 800, and so the basic version of the 2014 Honda Pilot LX will cost $ 30,750, and for the 2014 Honda Pilot Touring you will have have to pay $ 41,000. These prices are for models with two-wheel drive.

Customers who want to own the new 2014 Honda Pilot with all-wheel drive, it will have to pay an additional $ 1,600.

Jun 09

2014 Honda Pilot Exterior Colors

All information about the new 2014 Honda Pilot that outputs are found on the internet. A lot of you are interested in, and asks us whether we will get redesigned 2014 Pilot look. Verified information that this model takes the same design, similar to its predecessor. But there is a possibility that the 2014 Honda Pilot receives expand the color palette.

2014 honda pilot side view

Thanks to our sources, and our friends who work at Honda dealerships, we found that the 2014 Honda Pilot will come unchanged when it comes to the external appearance of this SUV. So the same little cube-shaped appearance of the year 2012 we will seeing for some time. However, the functionality and quality are the main feature of this car, and now with the expansion of the color palette, increasing trim and a new engine, this SUV will be the most attractive family vehicle. The 2014 Honda Pilot will continue to be offered with two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The interior will also get a slight change, but fans of the crossover nothing more than this were not expecting.

2014 honda pilot rear view

The 2014 Honda Pilot maintains the same color palette as its predecessor and will be offered: Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Obsidian Black Pearl, Taffeta White, Alabaster Silver Metallic, White Diamond Pearl and Dark Amber Metallic. With this color palette Honda will surely add some more color. The representation of these colors you can see in the video below, which shows the color palette for 2013 Honda Pilot.

New Honda Pilot really contains all the functions needed a family vehicle. From security to entertainment this SUV has everything. It could be argued that the fulfillment of the dream of every family man. One thing is for sure, next year, the 2014 Honda Pilot is sure to win a prize “Family Car of the Year”, because it is truly timeless vehicle.

Jun 09

2014 Honda Pilot Release Date

2014 Honda Pilot is currently one of the most wanted cars in the world. While Honda stalling with the release of this model to sell, the number of potential buyers is increasing day by day. Although this SUV comes with only slight changes, all of it to look forward to, to verify allegations which promising new Earth Dreams engine and CVT. Honda’s car are slowly but surely becoming the most wanted in the world. This is because Honda offers to its customers a great, reliable and functional vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology and at affordable prices. The 2014 Honda Pilot release date is not yet known, but we expect that you will be able by the end of September to find at dealerships this very popular crossover.

2014 honda pilot side view

We will do our best to deliver the first reliable information about the launch date of this SUV. We realize that the 2014 Honda Pilot release date information is very important, because it will be the advent of the information and get accurate information about the performance of this model. In any case, the new Pilot will get extension accessories, and we all want to know the exact details about the performance of this model. The 2014 Pilot will really delight when driving, lead to a higher level. It is comfortable, cozy, functional and very spacious. And from now on it will be the most economical SUV in its class, so this car sets the standard in the automotive industry.

2014 honda pilot rear view

Now thanks to expanding accessory, Honda with a plausible reason expect that a new Pilot break all sales records. Automatic climate control system, the USB system, internal car, 2GB of memory, steering wheel management, backup camera, and Bluetooth, are just some of the interesting features, with which will be equipped a new 2014 Honda Pilot. This SUV is the perfect family car in every respect. It may not look attractive, but it is certainly the most functional vehicle in the world.

2014 honda pilot interior

Jun 09

2014 Honda Pilot Redesigned

The 2014 Honda Pilot will be soon available on the market – according to all our information. When this vehicle appears on the market it will certainly represent one of the best crossover SUVs. Since its predecessor achieved great popularity, the demand for the new 2014 Honda Pilot is really great, even this SUV has not yet hit the market. Model 2014 as well as its predecessor was also able to accommodate to eight passengers in three rows. The third row seats can be folded, so you get more space in the trunk.

2014 Honda Pilot rear view

So big news, the 2014 Honda Pilot will not get a major redesign, we might even say that this model will look exactly the same as its predecessor. For now, this model maintains its distinctive boxy look and very spacious and functional interior. The current version of this model has quite a little of legroom in the third seat, and it’s one of the things which we believe will change.

In addition we expect the biggest changes in the powertrain. So according to some announcements U.S. version of the 2014 Honda Pilot will get a new 3.5-liter V6 Earth Dreams engine. This engine is one of the best and most economical engine, which Honda has ever produced. Also in the American market we expect the hybrid version of of this SUV. As for aggregates for the European market, there are mentioned two options. The first option includes 1.6 liter diesel engine with 220 horsepower, while the other option says 1.5 liter engine with 4 cylinders. In our opinion, the first version is much more certain.

2014 Honda Pilot interior

As we just told you, the new 2014 Honda Pilot remains pretty much the same three rows SUVs. All versions of this model for the U.S. market will be equipped with the now well-known 3.5-liter V6 Earth Dreams engine with 310 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. According to some reports, this model remains almost the same as its predecessor, but it will have an expanded range of equipment. This means that the new 2014 Pilot will get CVT, but only on models that have all-wheel drive. According to the expectations, this model will be one of the most economical crossover that can accommodate up to eight passengers. To sum up, the new 2014 Honda Pilot has the same shape as its predecessor, which means plenty of space. Receives minor changes inside and now it will be more economical.